Regarding self-love, we do know now that people who are loving and kind to themselves, extend kindness, patience, forgiveness and a loving attitude to all around them. In my observation women who truly accept and love themselves:

  • Suffer less from perfectionism
  • Know what serves and resonates with them
  • Learn to appreciate and nurture themselves
  • Show more emotional intelligence
  • Are more in tune with their Inner Guidance,
    which creates the feelings of security and independence

Let’s look at some of the benefits of meditation that are by now well researched:

  • Peace of mind and rejuvenation
  • Greater focus and creativity
  • Better relationships
  • Skillfulness at dealing with problems

When you introduce the combined effects of self-love and meditation into your life, you may see a huge positive shift in how you feel about yourself and how you view your life. The most important factor is that in a more confident and relaxed state you are able to sense and listen to your inner guidance – your wholeness navigation.

We all have it. It is our Divine Spark, our built-in connection to the source of creation. The interesting part about that is, that it is known in all spiritual traditions that we humans have this inner guidance system available to us. And it was also known that it is particularly easy for women to be aware of it.

In my life, I learned over time that a lot of sadness, yes even depression came from not paying attention to this subtle whisper inside. Often we don’t pay attention out of fear. Often we get the insight or message, but we don’t trust ourselves to follow through with it. Sometimes we are too shy to open that door that our inner guidance urged us to open. Our inner guidance knows all the possibilities. In ancient times we worshiped her as Sophia, as Holy Wisdom.

You can learn to follow your inner guidance. It’s like having your own universal counselor that never misguides you because it knows you on all levels.

Loving yourself, meditating and listening to your inner guidance are gifts we have available to us. In a world that has a strong tendency to devalue the feminine, it is important that we find ways to treasure and value our feminine essence deeply.

You may consider creating a little routine, adding these powerful practices to your life.