Self-Love Meditation — Breathing Love

In this self-love meditation,  you will be breathing love. And since no one can live without love and breath, this meditation does wonders to connect you to the love that is at the basis of self-love. Enjoy!   GET [...]


Self-Love Meditation — Love Your Body

In this 10-minute meditation, you will flow love to your body to increase your love and appreciation for your body. Towards the end of this guided meditation, you will connect to your intuitive guidance and find out what you [...]


Essential Self-Care Practice and The Wisdom of The Tao Te Ching

Who would have thought that an ancient wisdom text like the Tao Te Ching talks about essential self-care? Ok, that’s at least how I interpret this line in chapter 36.2: Fish must not leave the stream. In a way [...]


The Benefits of Vulnerability and The Tao Te Ching

These days we are learning from Brene Brown about the benefits of vulnerability on a grand scale—see her Ted Talk: The Power of Vulnerability; let’s also look what the ancient feminine based wisdom text The Tao Te Ching has [...]

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