Celebrating Mothers & Daughters!

Invitation to be a part of my Book Project

I am looking for women of all ethnic groups and all ages to participate in my book project that empowers women by celebrating the original feminine bond.

This is a calling to honor and empower the feminine spirit, and to support women and their daughters in being totally loving and accepting of themselves, celebrating who they are, and valuing the feminine spirit deeply. Because, as Laura Fegraus, one of the participating mothers expressed it so eloquently: “Women are the spiritual foundation of the world.”

I believe that the Mother-Daughter bond is the most significant relationship in creating a flourishing next generation. That’s why restoring feminine sovereignty is my lifelong vision for planet earth.

Women thrive and prosper through self-love and self-respect. With other words: It is important to hold ourselves high in these male-dominated times!

I also believe that every woman, no matter where she lives on this planet, should grow up with a sense of high self-respect, realizing her natural beauty of body, mind and soul—being able to love herself.

I am convinced that the more we value ourselves as women, the more the world will value us, our daughters and sons, and all of life.

If you live in Los Angeles, please contact me. You may be able to be part of this empowering book.

I will create inspired and soul-full pictures in an outdoor setting. Since this is a celebration, please dress-up, doll-up, fun-up!

Signing a model release is part of this book project. I may also ask you a few uplifting questions for my book.


You will get a free mini photo shoot with me and 3 FREE professionally retouched digital images as high-resolution files (11×14), which can be printed anywhere. You can get up to 5 free images if you like to tell your story. I am happy to help you with this.

If you live in Los Angeles please contact me: Carola@SistersofGreatness.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

I am a self-love evangelist and photographer with a life-long passion to value, honor and celebrate women, in order to strengthen women’s self-image. My recent book project sets an influential intention to celebrate the original feminine bond of mothers and daughters. I feel this is a much-needed project on a global basis. Please join me!