Women’s Wisdom Meditations—The Path of The Empowered Woman

  • You are born with inner guidance as your wholeness navigation.
  • The Divine Feminine is the source of our inner guidance, often communicating through instant knowing and intuitive imagery, providing loving solutions to your questions or concerns.
  • Empower yourself by accessing your inner guidance.

Women’s wisdom meditations are a practical path to inner empowerment. When you combine meditation with powerful questions, you can receive answers from your inner guidance, which knows precisely what is best for you at every moment. And the best thing is that your inner guidance gives you images or understanding tailored to your way of relating.

For example:

After asking for guidance about a certain situation my client got the vision of a stormy sea with herself sitting in a small boat, but miracle-like she noticed that the waves around her were calm. She knew immediately that everything would work out for her, which it did.

When I felt a lack of connectedness in a certain area of my life, and asked for an image of connection, I received the image of my navel being connected to the navel of the universal life force with a golden cord. This soul-image created a visceral sense of calm, support, and peace inside of me.

In the meditation sessions, I guide you

  • to become clear about your issue, and the guidance you seek
  • to apply and integrate the information & images you received into your daily life
  • to practice Women’s Wisdom Meditations at home by yourself

The main benefits of my awe-inspired Meditations are:

  • Living more in the state of love—rather than a state of inner conflict
  • A growing sense of wholeness, calm, and safety
  • A growing sense of worth and value, which we as women need since we are still influenced by a field of collective consciousness that devalues feminine existence worldwide.

Women’s Wisdom Meditations use the feminine elements of intuition, imagery, soul connection, feeling, sensing, and nurturing.

You can use Women’s Wisdom Meditations for all situations in your life because you are accessing the intelligence that creates worlds.

These meditations empower you because the more answers you receive, the more you know how supported, connected, and safe you are—knowing the Divine Feminine is always looking out for you by providing you with intuitive knowing.

Private session:  $120 (60 min)

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“A session with Carola is beyond meditation or guided journeying. Her clear directions triggered images to rise from within my deepest heart and bubble up with ease. Each soul-image was filled with messages that slowly unravel a clear path, unique to me. Jokily, I like to call Carola the soul-image extractor.”
Corinna Maharani @ Maharani Ayurveda

“Carola’s inner wisdom meditation helped me in a remarkable way. The morning before my first interview for a senior management position, Carola led me thru a guided meditation to help me relax and feel my strength. During the meditation, I saw myself sitting in a field of flowers in the Swiss Alps, looking up at the Matterhorn. As I looked at the mountain, I saw a white mountain goat stating proudly on the edge of a steep rock outcropping looking out over the valley below. As I focused on the white goat, I saw myself as the goat and in that moment, I felt the confidence and strength and knew it was mine. That day I went to the interview and the lead person told me afterwards that I had done a better job in the interview than any other candidate in years. So, the intuitive guided meditation method that Carola teaches, works well, and helped me with having courage, strength, and relaxedness. The interview process continues, but I know that no matter what happens, I’ve learned a lot about myself that will help in the future.”  S. J.

“I am always amazed in which form my inner guidance communicates with me; how it shows me to free myself from old structures. And how it communicates all this in a loving and metaphorical way, so that the understanding starts on a feeling level and can therefore be integrated more easily by me.”  Stephanie Johnson

pinkish flowers

Like so many seekers, Carl Gustav Jung also encountered intuitive guidance and imagery. He believed that accessing these images and integrating their meaning is necessary to experience life fully.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks within, awakens.”
C. G. Jung Letter, Vol.1: 1906—1950