In this 10-minute meditation, you will flow love to your body to increase your love and appreciation for your body. Towards the end of this guided meditation, you will connect to your intuitive guidance and find out what you can do for the wellbeing of your body.

“Today, we are bringing love and appreciation to our body— the temple and the home of our spirit.

 The first organ that develops after conception is our heart.
And the heart is our most powerful organ.

It is the core of our body, producing the most significant amount of electromagnetic energy.

Its central location and connection to all our cells make its energy transmissions highly influential to our entire body and, therefore, all around us.

Our heart is also our spiritual center. It connects us to divine energy and divine wisdom.

Breathe, and let yourself be aware of the spiritual aspect of your heart.

Because of the greatness of our hearts, we bring our attention to our hearts first.

If you like, put your hands on your chest for a moment.

Your heart is your genuine connection to all of life.

When you center yourself in your heart space, you feel whole; you are naturally connected to the universal feeling of love.

Breathe and bring love and appreciation to your heart. Notice how your heart feels while you continue to flow love and gratitude.

And now expand your love to your entire physical body with its 40 trillion cells.

As you expand your awareness to your entire body, allow yourself to be in awe.

What a complex creation with so many parts working in harmony.

Your body is a microcosmos in and all by itself.

It’s like a beautiful symphony with all parts playing their role.”




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