Start your day on a high-frequency note. This 10 min meditation will help you connect to your innate sense of joy and vitality, the natural qualities of your divine essence.

You know how different you feel on those days when you are truly joyful. Things seem to fall into place, and the day seems to flow more easily.

If you are a woman like me, we often are too focused on everyone else’s needs.
We forget to fill our cup as if that was not important. Being joyful is truly the fastest way to feel ‘full—filled’ and lift our energy and zest for life.

Set an excellent beginning for your day by filling up your cub with this meditation. Giving yourself some quiet, undisturbed time is a perfect act of self-love as well.

And remember to ask your inner guidance (aka the Universe) to bring you an image that represents joy and vitality for you. This image can come up in your mind or be an image you see in a calendar, postcard, or anywhere.

Images are the primordial language of our essence, and they hold great power, as we all know.

Having an image makes it easier to stay connected to your innate joy and vitality during the day.

For example, after I asked my inner guidance for an image, a friend on Instagram posted a picture by an illustrator from Finland www.InkeLookcom. Her illustrations help me to stay in connection with joy and vitality.

They may do nothing for you because we relate all so very different. That’s why you have to let your divine inner guidance connect you to what works for you.
Have fun with this!

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Also, please let me know what suggestions or wishes you have for meditations.

With love and delight,




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