Listen to this poem-like video as a daily inspiration to embody the amazing woman you are. It is an uplifting message to women from the One Heart we all share.



Amazing Woman, You Are Awesome!


It’s time to breathe deep, beloved sister.

It’s time to listen to your heart.

Time to pay attention to your inner Wisdom.

Have you ever wondered how your heart perceives you?

Allow me for just a few moments to be the voice of your heart;

which is the voice of the one heart that we all share.

I already hear her whisper.

She has such beautiful things to say about you.

She tells me that you are beautiful inside and out.

There is such radiance about you,
So much embodied love, so much compassion.

You are of the giving kind,
so much so that often you feel guilty of letting yourself receive

Your contribution to this world
Can you see it?

Can you value it?

Your nurturing ways?
Do you recognize them?

Your willingness to support and soothe?

So let me remind you why you are here:

Because this world may never love and value you enough,

it is time to recall your sense of love from deep within.

You are here to find the love for yourself —
the divine love you are made of

Because once the knowing that you are LOVE
is in your awareness,
you feel worthy, and you cherish yourself
just because you are here —
Not needing any reasons of any kind.

No achievements,
No perfect skin, size, or shape.
You are here to live in a state of glowing inner radiance,
knowing your inner Queendom

living your life in sovereignty,
being your joyful, empowered self.

You are here to connect to your inner Wisdom
to stay in touch with what is true for you
—your core resonance.
You are here to live from your divine essence,
your divine nature that already supports you
and is always guiding you.

You are here to be in alliance with what you call
your Higher Self — the ever-present wisdom Voice of Creation.

You are here beloved sister to celebrate every single moment
in-tune with the primordial source of existence
breathing Eternal Oneness forever
laughing, smiling, dancing

Feeling good about yourself!

You are here to realize that you already are
everything you want to be.
This knowing is deep inside your heart and
deep inside your womb.

That’s why it is time to breathe deep, beloved sister.

Deep into your heart,

Deep into your womb

So that the Wisdom of your awesome self can arise
into your current awareness.


©Written and read by Carola Höchst

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