Carola Höchst
Spiritual Coach & Meditation Teacher

You are an expression of Divine Intelligence
You are powerful loving presence
You are an amazing woman
You live in a male-dominated world that devalues the feminine for over 3000 years
Devaluation is kryptonite for the human soul
It is time to break free
I know that you can
I wasn’t welcome as baby; I was supposed to be a boy
I was raised under the premise:
“The will of a child has to be broken by the time she is four.”
I lived in constant anxiety. I didn’t know how to feel good about myself
I meditated for over 25 000 hours
I stared into the abyss of patriarchal structures until I saw what had happened
Devaluation early in life makes us devalue ourselves
I stopped doing that
I stopped taking my superpowers away by devaluing myself
So can you
You are an amazing woman
It is time to let the great YES to yourself arise from the core of your being!

Hello, Sister of Greatness! Welcome to my Website!

As a spiritual coach, it is my calling to empower women in holistic ways. Helping you to reclaim your feminine wisdom and embody the amazing woman you are, feeling good about yourself, being authentically you, and recognizing your divine essence in a male-dominated world is my main focus.

I myself had to learn to love myself the hard way. It was as if I was conditioned to reject myself.

I guess that’s why I started walking the spiritual path with masters and gurus early in my life. I was certain that awakening would dissolve all my anxieties, fears, and insecurities, of which I had plenty. That’s why I spent more than 25,000 hours in meditation and took extensive training classes in Vedanta, expanded states of consciousness, shamanism, Tantra, women’s studies, and intuitive healing.

Over the years I saw that women benefit from a slightly different approach to meditation than what is taught in the traditional styles. That’s the reason why I offer Women’s Wisdom Meditations and Self-Love awareness.

Practically that means to get in touch with your inner guidance which we all have. Because as you value your inner wisdom voice, pay attention to it, and act according to this guidance you become self-empowered. You also regain your sense of confidence, self-worth, and security because you notice that there is this divine intelligence inside of you that always supports you.

And this is exactly what happened to me.

Learning to check in with our intuition shows us the way whenever ‘things’ come up.

Practicing meditation, paying attention to your intuition, and learning to love, value and honor ourselves are the main ingredients that will allow you to be in deep appreciation for life and yourself.

For as long as I remember, I had the desire to empower women to realize our inherent greatness; because—here is my point:

You already are greatness walking, breathing, creating.
You just have to start recognizing your value.

On your wholeness & self-love journey, I invite you to learn from the things I discovered and all the mistakes I made; 🙂 and to start feeling exquisitely good about yourself and live a truly fulfilling life.

Thank you for stopping by, and please

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then – greetings from the edges of the light – sometimes I can almost reach them…

With love and delight,


P.S. Images are the language of the Divine Feminine—and since I am a photographer as well, I take pictures of women whenever I can. You will find some of them on my Instagram @SistersofGreatness and in my gallery: Celebrating Women