Intentions are potent and can change your life. By intending to love yourself, you will notice how loving yourself supports you. Being loving and kind with yourself allows you to be more relaxed and peaceful.

Enjoy this meditation!


Here is a small excerpt:

As humans, as long as we live, there is love present inside our heart center. We can’t exist without it.

Maybe you have come to believe that you are not lovable in your human journey.

If that happened to you—know that conclusions like this are always a mistake of your mind.

In your heart, you know that this is not true. You are always lovable; you are always worthy of love, and you are always loved and supported by the Universe. There was never a moment when you didn’t deserve love.

What we call love is our divine essence. And because this is so, you can make a choice now. You can set a powerful intention.

You can choose to love yourself. Take a deep breath in & out. Put your hands on your heart.

Say to yourself:

“I choose to love myself.

Because when I love myself, I will approve of myself,
and accept me just the way I am.

I wish to love and nurture myself.

Because when I do, I have so much more to give.

I can love all of existence so much more with love for myself.

I can love my family, my friends,

I can love nature and mother earth.
I am a loving, uplifting human being at the core of my being.

I am an inspiring expression of love and compassion when I love myself.

That’s why today I choose to love myself.

That’s why I set the intention to love myself wholeheartedly.

I want to express my loving presence with everything I do.”



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