Empowering You to Unfold Your Three Superpowers of
Self-Love, Meditation and Intuitive Inner Guidance.

Welcome, it’s Carola! I’m here as your guide to a fulfilled life. I am all about providing you with wholistic insights and practices that are especially for women, so you can find your inner sense of safety and joy in a male-dominated world.

A Self-Love Meditation for You

Self-Love Meditation

Meet your loving heart chakra in this guided meditation. Experience your free-flowing feminine unbounded awareness. Connect to your divine intuitive nature. You don’t have to get rid of thoughts to get the benefit of this meditation.

Enjoy this Meditation

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Ultimate Self-Love Guide

Self-Love is the ability to flow the feeling of love towards yourself. We all know how wonderful it is to feel loved, valued and honored. In order to support you in your self-love journey I created a free guide for you. Please grab your free copy!

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Celebrating Women Photo Gallery

As photographer I love to take pictures of women: Mothers, sisters, artists, entrepreneurs, yoginis, writers—spiritual, wild, and heart-centered. I believe we are Sisters of Greatness at birth and I invite you to celebrate the feminine spirit visually.


“As women, we need to recognize that our intuitive voice
is the most important source for loving ourselves,
because our intuitive voice is the place of divine love inside of us.”