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Self-Love is the ability to flow the feeling of love towards ourselves. We all know how wonderful it feels to feel loved, valued and honored. Meditation is one tool we can use to restore that feeling of love inside of us. Meditation and Feeling Journeys also help us to dissolve inner roadblocks. Unfolding your greatness and loving yourself goes hand in hand.

Intuitive Guidance

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Intuitive Guidance comes from the Divine Spark deep inside of us. This inner true essence guides us all the time. It points out what is good for us and what action would be helpful now. It is our in-built Wholeness-Navigation that has our best interest always at heart.

That’s why it is so important to learn to pull back and listen to what it whispers in our heart.

Celebrating Baby Girls

The intention of my Book Project is to honor and empower the feminine spirit, and to inspire women to celebrate the birth of their daughters. Because, as Laura Fegraus, one participating mother expresses it so eloquently: “Women are the spiritual foundation of the world.”

If you have a baby girl and live in Los Angeles please contact me.